With all the recent Google updates (Panda/Penguin et al.) it has become readily apparent that contextual backlinks play a significant role in your site's rankings. Spamming generic links like blog comments with your keywords as anchors directly at your site is no longer a viable tactic. You need contextual links in order to increase your site's rankings and reap the benefits of the traffic they bring.

To help you acquire these high quality links and ease your rankings worries, we have assembled a flexible package which allows you to obtain contextual links from unique Web 2.0 properties. Our team of experienced writers will write a high quality unique ~300 word article relevant to your niche and spin it accordingly to be used with the Web 2.0s.

Furthermore, your report will contain login details to most of the Web 2.0 properties, giving you ownership of your very own powerful Web 2.0 network. You can update this network with more content over time as well as build additional links to it, leveraging its power however you want.

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We have been actively selling SEO solutions on all the major IM/SEO forums for quite a while now and have built up quite a reputation. Just look at our other warrior forum thread we have going which is filled to the brim with glowing reviews and testimonials: HERE
We are constantly testing new methods and theories on our own sites before we release anything to the public. As a result we get daily compliments from many of our customers. Here are just some of the reviews our services have generated:

Originally Posted by GlobalTrader I have to admit to being a bit skeptical of this type of linking service but after careful consideration of the options available here on WF I can state emphatically that it has proven to be an EXCELLENT choice.

Today, 27 Nov 2012, I received my detailed report, "exactly" 7 business days after ordering the services which in and of itself speaks highly of the service provider!

For the other skeptics out there, let me state this - our site is nearly 15 years old - it was hit hard by both Panda and Penguin and to all the self-appointed gurus who like to state that we have poor quality 'content' or other BS that is spouted about so freely let me tell you that was not the case with our site - it earned us quite a bit of money through 2010 and every page we "used" to post was almost an automatic page 1 within two weeks - Google loved us and we loved Google.

With that said, our site was one of the unfortunate victims of these updates and during the past year I have come to realize that we will never regain the level of traffic once enjoyed (50K per month) so I began focusing on specific 'money' pages.

Three of those money pages were included in the URL's submitted to this service provider - despite my best efforts I had been unable to get them past the middle of page 2 (generally around position 15).

Within "days" of purchasing this service, three of those specific money pages began showing up on PAGE ONE, POSITION 7 and 8.

I can also state that the increase we have seen in adsense and CPA from those pages has already paid for this service!

So from a skeptic to a believer - I endorse this service and give it my highest recommendation!