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    How to increase the size of a jpg image?

    Does anyone know how to increase the size of a jpg image?I mean the kb not the image resolution.The resolution should remain same.Is there any way?

    I know its possible if its saved as .png but the problem is only jpg is acceptable

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    Whatever size you have it in right now, IS the highest you can get it as a JPG.

    If you have a 50k JPG, and you save it again no matter how high the quality setting and size, you WILL lose more detail and the image will look worse.

    PNG is lossless quality, it's perfect. You could open a PNG and re-save it one thousand times and it would stay unchanged. If you were to open and re-save a JPG, even at high quality settings, it would continually degrade and lose quality.

    Short answer: no matter what the file size is on the copy you have, that is the highest possible quality you can now get from that image.

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